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What is CHERuB?

CHERuB is a new, 100Gbps network pipe that connects UCSD to our Internet Service Provider (ISP), CENIC. CHERuB provides 100G access through CENIC to the PacificWave, Internet2 and ESnet networks.

CHERuB seeks to:

  • Provide high-speed Internet connectivity to researchers at UCSD with high-end needs
  • Study how “Layer 2” connections can be made most usable by researchers

Does this mean our Internet connection just got bigger?

CHERuB is a different type of service than our primary campus Internet connections. UCSD has 30 GB of service (w/10 GB backup) to the research Internet (including other universities and Internet2 sites) and 10 GB of service (w/10 GB backup) to the commodity Internet (.com sites and the like). These sites provide “Layer 3” access, which means that most TCP/IP applications — such as your Web browser — work automatically with these connections.

Layer 2 connections such as CHERuB require that you know your destination site and that you set up a connection between your two sites using software (usually done by network engineers at both ends) before you transmit your data. CHERuB will be working to find ways to automate that setup and discover how it can be made most usable by campus researchers.

More Information:

Please contact cherub@ucsd.edu if you have questions about this project.


CHERuB is a joint project of SDSC and ACT.

The Principal Investigator of CHERuB is Michael Norman, Director, SDSC. 

Co-PIs include Tom Hutton (Network Manager/Architect, SDSC) & Valerie Polichar (Infrastructure Architect, ACT). Architect David Rapp is Senior Personnel.